Ten Year-End Tax Considerations for Entrepreneurs

As the year comes to a close and as everyone becomes busy with Christmas shopping, now is a good time to revisit the top ten tax-related considerations before you close the books of the calendar year.  After all, sweating them now will give you (or us!) better opportunities to avoid the long queues when the … Read more

4 Simple Steps to Register Your Business in the Philippines – Part 2

In the previous post, we talked about the four simple steps to register your business in the Philippines.Quick review – Step 1: Register with the appropriate government agency;  Step 2: Apply for business permit and license from the City or Municipality where your business is to be located; Step 3: Register with the Bureau of … Read more

How to Compute for Salaries, Wages and Benefits Part 1

If you already have experienced working in a certain company or are presently working in one for more than a month, then you already know what a basic payslip is, which is equivalent to every worker’s bi-monthly wage.If you have not, then this computation shows you how a basic payslip should looked like before you … Read more

4 Simple Steps to Register Your Business in the Philippines

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Filipinos are known to be entrepreneurial. Perhaps due to constant dire straits, they are forced to come up with more creative ways of surviving. The informal sector abounds in the Philippines. Our streets are living proof of this entrepreneurial spirit.More often, many forgo formalizing their enterprises perhaps due to fear of paying exorbitant fees, or … Read more

How an Annual Check-up can Fool-proof your Business

In order to ensure that we are in the pink of health, an annual visit to the doctor for a thorough check up is a must. The same imperative routine goes for your business.A regular check-up on the performance and status of your business is important. This way, you can gauge whether your business is … Read more